Building Interactive Gadgets
Lab Outline (Winter 2023)

Lab Information:

Lab Schedule
Last Updated:02-03-2023
Current Date:10-03-2023
(Subject to change by the class/lab instructor)
1 Jan. 17 & 19 Getting Started with Arduino and Your ARDX Kit
2 Jan. 24 & 26 Blinker
3 Feb. 7 & 9 Buttons!
4 Feb. 14 & 16  Sensors!
--- Feb. 21 & 23 Winter Reading Week.
Enjoy the break!
5 Feb. 28 & Mar. 2 Motors
6 Mar. 7 & 9 Servos
7 Mar. 14 & 16 8 LEDs
8 Mar. 21 & 23 Shift Registers
9 Mar. 28 & 30 Light and Sound Show

Lab 9 YouTube Playlist!
This playlist was produced in the first week of quarantine. It has all the main content, but the quality is different than what you've received up until now. You'll also find videos for each section of the lab embedded in the lab notes.
--- End of Semester Time for project work!! Have fun folks!!!


Lab Related Software
Software Download Links Description
ARDX Arduino Manual Link Here The printed manual in Solarbotics ARDX kits often leaves out parts of the circuit diagrams. This PDF version is better.
Arduino IDE
(Arduino Software)

Official Download Page

Lab Version: Arduino 1.8.15 (release notes):

These labs were last tested with Arduino IDE version 1.8.16, released in September 2021. We don't expect any problems with Arduino IDE 1.8.19, but please report to us if something seems wrong.

I plan to experiment and perhaps teach with the 2.0 IDE, but the teaching videos are based on 1.8.13 and some details will not match very well. Feel free to try newer Arduino IDEs, like the Web Editor or the 2.0 Beta. If you have trouble with a lab while using one of these, contact your lab instructor with the number of the version you were using. Do not expect an immediate resolution to problems that come from changes to the IDE, but we will try our best.


Official Download Page (minimum $5 donation required)

Free copies for CS207:

Fritzing was used to make circuit diagrams and breadboard layouts for the lab notes. Some custom parts were designed for the lab notes, but since they are not compatible with newer versions of Fritzing we can't share them.

You may be asked to use it to produce similar diagrams and layouts for assignments.