Introduction to
Computer Graphics
Lab Outline (Winter 2022)


Class Instructor: Dr. Xue Dong Yang
Lab Instructor: Alex Clarke

Zoom Room schedule: Sciencelab 007
Office Hours Schedule: Sciencelab 006

Lab Information

Lab Schedule

Lab Days Contents
(Subject to change by the instructor.)
1 Jan. 17 – 20 Getting Started with HTML Canvas Graphics
2 Jan. 24 – 27 Points, Primitives and 2D Art
3 Feb. 7 – 10 3D Transformations
--- Feb. 21 – 24 Winter Break!
4 Feb. 28 – Mar. 3 Shaders and Basic Illumination
5 Mar. 14 – 17 Illumination 2: Specular Illumination, Phong Shading, Attenuation, Multiple Lights
6 Mar. 28 – 31 Texture Mapping
Pre-recorded Lab Seminar


Online Reference Materials

Resource Site Specific Links Description
Khronos Group

Select Khronos reference pages:

Every programmer should frequently consult the reference pages for the APIs they use. It also is sometimes helpful to refer to the specification. When the lab notes get technical, you better believe I've consulted these!

Khronos, the organization that oversees several cross-platform libraries including OpenGL, hosts or provides links to man pages and specifications for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and WebGL.

Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla WebGL API Reference and Tutorials

The Mozilla Foundation maintains a vast collection of information about web technologies for developers. I frequently find their WebGL documentation helpful, and sometimes prefer to link to their documentation rather than the Khronos stuff.

Textbook materials

Browse the HTML, javascript and shaders for the example you want to try.

If examples don't work, try consulting this site to find out why and maybe fix your problem: get.webgl.org

Once you know your browser can run the textbook's WebGL samples, lab 1 will show you how to set up a local and hosted environment of your own so you can modify textbook examples for assignments.

WebGL Fundamentals WebGL Anti-patterns I don't always agree with this resource's approach, but I have consulted it from time to time.
WebGL2 Fundamentals WebGL2 What's New I don't always agree with this resource's approach, but I'm using parts of it to help me navigate this semester's transition from WebGL to WebGL2.


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